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Yamaha Stagepas 200BTR


A portable PA system equipped with a 180 W power amp, coaxial compression driver with 1.4” voice coil HF and 8” cone LF, a 5-channel digital mixer, and sold together with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery.

  • Bluetooth #1
  • 180 W (HF: 30 W + LF: 150 W) Class-D amplifier
  • 1.4” HF + 8” LF high-quality coaxial compression driver
  • 5-channel digital mixer (3 monaural mic/line + 1 stereo line)
  • Main output multi-band compressor “MODE”
  • 1-knob EQ/preset for each channel
  • High-grade SPX digital reverb (4 program, parameter control), delay, chorus
  • Hi-Z input
  • Equipped with link-out/monitor out
  • Supplied rubber stand allows inclining at 30 or 60 degrees
  • Compatible with audio streaming via Bluetooth
  • Can be controlled remotely via an iOS or Android device using the dedicated STAGEPAS Controller app
  • Optional BTR-STP200 battery included
  • Optional CASE-STP200 carry case for convenient carrying
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With astonishing high-quality sound and mixing capability far beyond what you would expect from its minimalist design, the STAGEPAS 200 is a premium portable PA system that performs well above its weight class. With fast, intuitive operation of live sound features, and superb overall performance, your audience will be stunned by the sound that comes from this powerful, yet compact setup. The STAGEPAS 200 comes in two models— one with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, the other compatible with optional batteries, giving you the flexibility to inspire performers and audiences alike in virtually any environment you choose — from street performances, to events, parties and speeches.

  • Artist Performing with Yamaha STAGEPAS 200
Yamaha STAGEPAS 200 Closeup View

Sound That Astounds


Featuring a high-quality coaxial transducer design, the STAGEPAS 200 is capable of delivering best-in-class sound pressure, precise phase response, and a very natural dispersion of high frequencies. Adopting some of the same expertise used in our high-end professional audio gear, this mighty yet minimalistic powerhouse will stun your audience with the full dynamic range and response of your performance.

Advanced technology condensed into a compact unit

Yamaha STAGEPAS 200 connectivity, performance functions, and mixing capability

Mix it up


The STAGEPAS 200 puts a strong emphasis on its “all-in-one” designation offering all the connectivity, performance functions, and mixing capability you would ever need for small-scale duo or trio performances— all packed into a compact 300 mm cube-style cabinet. Equipped with a digital mixer that can be controlled remotely for up to 5 channels, 3 mic preamps, and a comprehensive range of practical functions you’ll be thankful to have at your disposal, the STAGEPAS 200 is without peer in the compact all-in-one PA market.

Yamaha STAGEPAS 200: Dial in Close Up View

Dial in. Vibe Out.


The simple, intuitive operation of the STAGEPAS 200 makes dialing in your ideal sound a painless — even enjoyable process. Each channel is equipped with a 1-knob EQ/preset and SPX digital effects, along with the master output MODE compressor, enabling fast yet powerful adjustments to your sound, while channels 2-3 feature microphone simulators included in the 1-knob EQ/preset that can add instantaneous warmth and beauty to acoustic guitars.

Smooth Operation Graph

Smooth Operator


The STAGEPAS 200 comes equipped with adaptive functions that help alleviate anxiety about your sound, allowing you to focus on performing your absolute best.

The onboard Priority Ducker automatically reduces background music or secondary signals when inputs from a primary microphone or a specific sound source is detected. Additionally, the Intelligent Feedback Suppressor function eliminates unpleasant feedback that can occur when a microphone picks up sound from a speaker, ensuring a more comfortable sonic experience for both you and your audience.

STAGEPAS 200 Controller app

Convenient Creative Control


The STAGEPAS Controller app, for both iOS and Android devices, gives you real-time remote control of both volume and EQ. Additionally, the app gives you precise control over such functions as EQ, Reverb, Compressor, Microphone simulators, Ducker, etc. maximizing the capabilities of your STAGEPAS 200. You can save these settings in “scenes” stored on the app to be recalled any time for consistent sound and reduced setup time.

10 Hours of Nonstop Performance

  • Yamaha STAGEPAS 200: 10 Hours of non-stop performance

Compatible with a large-capacity lithium-ion battery allowing up to 10 hours of continuous operation, the STAGEPAS 200 reliably delivers excellent performance even in remote locations where no power source is available. The BTR-STP200 battery ships with the STAGEPAS 200BTR. It is also available separately.

Bluetooth® Connectivity

  • Yamaha STAGEPAS 200: Bluetooth® Connectivity

Bluetooth functionality enables wireless connection for easy audio playback via smartphones and tablets. It also allows use of the dedicated STAGEPAS Controller app for mixer control and adjustment.

The Right Direction

  • Yamaha STAGEPAS 200: The right direction

The rubber stand on the base of the cabinet lets you incline the unit at a 30- or 60- degree tilt to adapt to your chosen performance environment or application. This allows placement of the STAGEPAS 200 facing the audience as a fill speaker, or towards the performers when used as a floor monitor.

Mounting Possibilities

  • Yamaha STAGEPAS 200: Mounting possibilities

The bottom of the cabinet houses a 35 mm diameter pole mounting socket, allowing the STAGEPAS 200 to be mounted on a speaker stand or used in an installation with a subwoofer using a distance rod.

Whenever. Wherever.

  • Yamaha STAGEPAS 200: Whenever. Wherever.

The optional dedicated CASE-STP200 carrying case is equipped with casters and large-capacity pockets for convenient transport to any location safely and easily.

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